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Garage Door Accessories

Do you need to replace you garage door hand remote? Do you need to re-program your garage door wall console or garage door keypad but don't know how?

You can try these quick tips before you call a professional -

  • Check the remote battery - sometimes it is just a dead battery. If replacing the battery does not solve the issue, we suggest to refer to the user manual. ​​


  • Try reprogramming the remote/opener using the user manual or your opener's manufacturer technical support. In most cases you will need to use a ladder to access a learn button or a learn code that is stamped on the motor itself in the celling of the garage. newer models will have the learn button in the wall console. depending on your opener's make and model, you will need to use several sequences to program the device.

Garage Door Accessories Sales & Programming

  • Garage door keypads - These are conveniently located outside your garage on a side wall, to give you the option to open and enter the garage without needing to carry a device with you. It also gives you the option to access and open the garage from outside so you wont need to access the garage from inside your home.

  • Wall consuls - It is very rear to need to replace your wall console, but this can happen due to couple of reasons like damage to the device or rear and tear. We can replace it for you in no time. It is important to know prior what is your opener's make and model. 

  • Garage door hand remotes - These small accessories can be very handy, but can also often break or get lost. Your can place your garage door hand remote in your vehicle, in your bag or any other place to will make your life easier. If you garage door remote works off-and-on, it might be a good idea to pick in your user manual or call a professional. 

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