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How To DIY - Garage Door Service And Garage Door Maintenance Made Easy!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

You just woke up, made some coffee, went to your garage to get into the car and start your day and then SNAPPP! Your garage door spring broke! or even worse - your garage door opener stopped working.

What do you do now? you start making calls to your local garage door service providers to see who is available and when can he come to rescue.

This scenario can sometimes be prevented if your garage door system will be properly maintained. You don't have to call a professional to maintain your door, there are a few steps you can do yourself to save the service call charge.

Here are 5 simple ways to check if your garage door is in good shape:

1. Check your garage door safety sensors

Any door that was built after 1991 have safety sensors. These sensors prevent the door to close if something or someone is underneath it. Check your sensors by placing a soft object under the middle of your garage door. When the door touches the object, it should stop and then go back up. If that wasn’t the case, you should contact a service provider to address this issue as soon as possible.

2. Check the nuts and bolts

Because your garage door is moving continually, it is not uncommon that some bolt or nuts will be loosened. Go over them throughout the system and check for any untighten bolts that can cause an issue in the future.

3. Check your garage door rollers

The rollers are a small but essential of your garage door system. If the rollers are worn out, your door will eventually go off track or be stuck. Make sure they are in a good condition, or have sooner replace them if they are not.

4. Check the lift cable

Damage is most likely to occur where the cable attaches to the bottom roller bracket, where it’s most exposed to moisture. If you see that it is time for a new cable don’t try to replace it yourself. Call a garage door professional to replace it. This cable is under high tension.

5. Test your opener

Your garage door operator, or your opener, needs to be well maintained throw the years. It is the “brain” of the system and it needs to work perfectly for your garage door to preform perfectly. Test the manual mode, the auto reverse mode and the opener’s light. If these are working fine, you are all set. Any issue if those modes will basically mean you need a new opener.

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